Keep It Cool In Your Home

During the hot summer days, it’s difficult to stay without an air conditioner or broken system. Get in touch with us to reduce your chances of facing long-term problems with your air conditioner. We have experience working with all HVAC makes and models, and we will take the time to make sure it’s done right at the lowest expense and inconvenience to you. This is what makes us a top provider of HVAC services in the area.

Our service technician will perform a comprehensive diagnostic of your air conditioner in order to decide exactly what type of maintenance is required. Everyone’s level of maintenance will vary slightly and that is why it’s important to start with an overall evaluation of the condition of your unit. We will check for leaks, cracks, ducts, mold, the functionality of your thermostat battery, clean coils, recharge your refrigerants and lubricate any parts that need it. All of this is a part of our repair and maintenance service at Huether Heating and Cooling. If any serious issues are found, our service technicians will walk you through the details of a repair or replacement, depending on your situation.

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